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What UXPRESS will provide

Tailored High Quality Research

UXPRESS finds WHAT & WHY and provides HOW to FIX UX/Usability issues.

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UXPRESS Provides User-Centered Design

UXPRESS takes what we learn in the UX Research and make them into a meaningful reality.

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US & Asian Market Entry & Growth

Discover US & Asian market opportunities and understand local consumer behavior to make the best first impression and welcomed by the local market/customers. Learn more.



“UXPress is a best in class UX & Research group that can help any business move their digital products forward. Their professionalism and approach to usability ensures that their clients get a product that results in success! I highly recommend working with them!”

ERICK GUSTONDirector, User Experience / FounderThematic

“UXPRESS’s objective usability analysis proved invaluable while developing our mobile game, Rise of Rivals. It gave us the knowledge we needed to achieve the best user experience possible and complete the game. And their price for the research is super affordable. It is very important especially for the start-up company like us. Thank you EXPRESS!”

JEFF SULMSenior Software Engineer / Game DeveloperRed Shift Interactive

“Kentaro and the UXPRESS team surprised us with their deep analysis of our mobile application. In just 5 days they delivered insights and recommendations that would have taken us months of user research to arrive at. What moved them past other agencies we looked at was how startup friendly they were, not only be able to deliver at the urgent pace we move at, but also able to work with us to fit our startup budget.”

JEFF STANDARDCo-founder / Product ManagerDrivemode
Hirokazu Morita

We requested UXPRESS to perform Heuristic Evaluation on our prototype. They provided a very professional and comprehensive report in only a couple of days. It has a lot of deep insights and helpful recommendations. Especially we appreciated the ux/usability issues list. It is ranked in the order of severity. So from our point of view, as a client, we could instantly know where to begin making fixes. This is a great guide book for the beginner of ux/usability as well. We will definitely use their report as a check list, and look back to compare to compare the improvements. Thanks UXPRESS. Highly recommend!!

Hirokazu MoritaFounder and CEOclubFm